Road of life Back to Normalcy?

Everyone is waiting if Modi will lift countrywide lockdown?

I will say, if you guys are thinking soon after lockdown you will stand on a street and eat pani puris, travel to any part of the country without any fear, socialise with people standing without a feet distance, then it is not gonna happen.

The pre-covid life is not gonna come back anytime soon!


Sachin Gandhi

The Show Must Go on

We are not allowed to hop.
We are not allowed to stop.

Troblues will come, troubles will subside
But you have to keep everything aside

There can be Corona,
But you say “Enough, You go na”

Because this life demands
“The Show Must Go on”
Because this life commands
“The Show Must Go on”

This life says “We cannot afford to standstill”
Everytime after a misery, there comes a will

There was Corona, We were scared,
We were Pale, But we again dared.

Now again we are ready to run a race
Life comes at a cost, whic you unknowingly embrace

Because this life demands
“The Show Must Go on”
Because this life demands
“The Show Must Go on”


Sachin Gandhi

Life After Lockdown

Its Done!

Its Dusted!

Quarantine is over!

Finally, the quarantine is over..

So how we are gonna live our life now. Its been one of the worst phases this world had to go through. It was filled with fear, panic mixed with ecstacy thanks to our Prime Minister’s motivating and selfless gestures.

Had this period of hell taught us anything. Have you thought anything about it?

I hope humans have learned and re installed humanity which seems to have been currupt in the softwares (humans) of this generation

The most important things to learn would be turn vegan and instill humanity and be kind

This was just a warning. If we don’t learn the doom is very near.

Be scared, very scared


Sachin Gandhi

World in Lockdown

This lockdown feels long, guys?
I know it is. I know its long

But have anyone noticed? No one is complaining. Everyone is readily co-operating with the guidelines of Government, albeit some exceptions, as always

But do you know what, the life will come back to normalcy soon.

Phir se sheharon mein raunak aayegi
Phir se gaaon mein lautegi hansi
Phir se saath saare yaar honge
Na hogi paanbandi
Na rokhe koi

Phir se sadakon pe sab naachenge
Patri pe pahiye bhaagenge
Goonjege khelon ke maidaan
Phir se hogi sapno ki udaan

Jo saath dede saara India
Phir muskurayega India
Phir jeet jaayega India

Just give saath, India is gonna be the winner.

Your fellow Indian,

Sachin Gandhi

1.3 Billions of Dreams tarnished

Disheartened 💔

India’s terrific performance in Round Robin Stage of 9 games is undone by the top order batters in one inning. Its a dismal performance by our top 5. New Zealand had done it to South Africa in 2015 and this time to India in this 2019. They could not have batted any other best team in the world than this Indian team.

Indian cricketers very well know how passionate Indian fans are. Momin, a Pakistan fan rightly said after Pakistan’s loss to India that in a Country full of economic crisis, inflation, corruption, there are small small happiness among which cricket is one. Yes, in India too same holds applicable. Winning a World Cup would by no means had been a small happiness though. It would have meant the whole world to 1.3 billions. But it wasn’t be so.

One bad day and all hopes are shattered. Everyone was waiting for this day since 4 years including the cricketers themselves but not waiting for this day to lose, definitely. It also gives harsh life lessons. One bad day can mean a lot in life too and it has harsh consequences.

India…. You tried hard but did let us 1.3 billion people down. Its harsh but we expected you to win with this one with one of the greatest Indian team. And taking nothing away from New Zealand. Best team which held the nerves won. And Jadeja, you won the hearts by your valiant effort.

Yours World Cup Dreamer,

Sachin Gandhi

Indian Cricket around Virat Kohli

No wonder why this man @virat.kohli is called “King’.

Solely carrying the hopes of 1.3 billion people. Not just captaincy burden but also carrying the entire batting lineup around him acting as a vital cog.

Never seen more PASSIONATE and AGGRESSIVE player like him ever in any sport. Sorry Christiano Ronaldo. Kohli beats you as well in this.

And captaincy and as he says his wife @anushkasharma has helped him in becoming more successful as a person both on and off the field.

I have been watching cricket very closely since childhood. I had seen the Indian Cricket Team improving and becoming a hungry team since Sourav Ganguly took the reigns after the match fixing scandal. Sourav Ganguly instilled a sense of pride and aggression in team India and never say die attitude along with the hunger for win.

Talking about aggression. Aggression was used as a synonym with Virat Kohli in his early days. He is still aggressive but now I find Passion as a synonym to Kohli. He has matured a lot as a cricketer and has developed controlled aggression.

This is my personal desire this World Cup that Virat Kohli should lift it. No offence to India as a nation and Dhoni as a former captain but I personally want to see Virat Kohli lift the World Cup in Lord’s balcony. It was my desire to see my childhood hero Sourav Ganguly to lift the World Cup after coming so close but he missed by a whisker. I hope Virat Kohli lifts this time.

Talking about India and not getting a mention of Narendra Modi is a wonder these days. Indian Government is referred as Modi Government. I can see the Indian Cricket Team getting known by Virat Kohli. I feel India is so blessed to have such leaders in different and important fields.




Sachin Gandhi

Mandate 2019

Mandate 2019

Its officially “Modi Wave” again….

How often do we see something as wave associated with a man? Its rare but Modi is used to it.

It wasn’t an election of leaders as Modi said. It was an election of people choosing progress. People voted for stability.

Its time for delivering on the promises. People have elected him with lot of faith and we all hope he repays it.