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Sachin Gandhi


26th Birthday!!

On this date and day, I saw the first sunshine of my life 26 years back. I see myself as a typical Scorpion.

Birthday is just another day for me when I feel loved a little more and feel blessed to the core, and maybe get a few material gifts (but greeting cards or a letter could be really heart warming)

I remember my school days, when I used to be so excited for my birthdays just because I used to get a chance to distribute chocolates among my teachers and friends and I could get to wear a colour dress for a change; maybe its a cliché now.

I Just wanna say thanks to all people who were part of my journey!!

Yours Birthday Boy,

Sachin Gandhi

Happy Diwali 2018 🔥💥

Iss Diwali do diye zyada lagao; khushiyaan baaton, khushiyaan badao.

Diwali is known to be celebrated to signify “victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.” Its relevance holds to the past.

But, what’s the significance of celebrating Diwali now? We seem to be living in a generation of darkness. We just have lights on the screen of a mobile, television, laptops and so on realting to all man made things. The technology we have mastered is just a sense of delusion. We have become slaves to the technology we have mastered. We are a generation of dumb people and smart phones.

There is no victory of good over evil. We see so many rape cases, frauds, scams, murders everyday in the newspaper

There is no victory of knowledge over ignorance. We see so many dumb people at the highest levels. We see dumb people trying to drag intelligent people to their level and feel victorious.

So guys, just take a moment to relive the good old days where there was victory of above three things.

Diwali Prayer :

example vedic prayer from Brhadaranyaka Upanishad celebrating lights is the Pavamana Mantra:

Asato ma sat gamaya | (असतो मा सद्गमय ।)
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya | (तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।)
Mṛtyor ma amṛtam gamaya | (मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।)
Om shanti shanti shantihi || (ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥)

From untruth lead us to Truth.
From darkness lead us to Light.
From death lead us to Immortality.
Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

Wish you a very happy diwali. Have a good and safe one!!

With Diwali greetings,

Sachin Gandhi

Forgiveness Day ~ Micchami Dukkadam 🙏

Today is Forgiveness Day in Jainism which is Called Samvatsri. We seek forgiveness if we hurt or offend anyone during the year. So, I seek forgiveness. Micchami Dukkadam 🙏

In a generation where we find it very hard to forgive, we still seek forgiveness? We still seek it, yeah. Why? Because we expect that our mistakes will be forgiven? NO!! People find it hard to forgive when it isn’t that hard. They relive the moments that hurt them and think “No, he did this to me, I can’t forgive”. I think I still seek forgiveness just to be right on my part.

I may have hurt anyone, offended many but trust me nothing was intentional nor to hurt or offend anyone. Sometimes, mistakes may happen in the heat of the moment. Not sometimes, infact many a times and most of the times. Its wiser to forgive, rather than to hold on to past and not to forget the wrong done and hold grudge forever and inturn you will also have that burden of not forgiving.

So, this year, if I have hurt someone or anyone, knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally, I seek forgiveness. I hope you have a bigger heart than mine to forgive.

Micchami Dukkadam 🙏

With Apologies,

Sachin Gandhi

Happy 72nd Independence Day India 🇮🇳

Today is a day, I call it as Independence Day in true terms for me and actually its an Independence Day for India.

Its the 72nd Independence Day of India but first of mine.

I am free of all relationships.

• I stopped expecting things, I am independent of expectations.

• I stopped craving things. I am independent of all cravings.

• I stopped loving. I am independent of love.

• I stopped fearing. I am independent of fear.

• I stopped being emotional. I am independent of emotions.

• I stopped being sensitive. I am independent of sensitiveness.

• I stopped waiting for something. I am independent of waiting.

• I stopped from getting the feeling of hurt. I am independent of getting hurt.

I am not a writer. I am not even a biblophile. I am just a person who feels lots and lots of emotions and that comes in form words. I have experienced lots of pain in life. Physical, mental, emotional and I don’t know what. I am becoming stronger,

but do you know what?

No matter how much strong your heart is, deep inside it cries. It cries for their loved ones, for the people whom they loved just walked away without even thinking for a moment that how much it hurts. People have grown very insensitive when thinking about the feelings of others and how they will feel by their actions, thoughts, words or deeds. And when they are at receiving end, they say, “Why me God? Why? I can’t bear the pain.” If you can’t bear the pain, then why are you giving others pain. Realise it.

Its the rule of the world, the more good heart you got, the more you care, the more you feel, the more you expect, the more you help and ultimately when you don’t get back as much as you give you get hurt.

Of late, I had been spending my days in darkness. I had lost all hopes. But, today I am so confident. I don’t regret anything. I now firmly believe “Everything that happens, happens for good”. If I had not faced that adversity for these years, I would still have been weak at heart. Now see, I am bit strong, I won’t say completely but still I am strong. I do love my life, I have started to accept the things that happens. There’s no other way out. If something is gonna happen, if will happen no matter how badly you try to avoid.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THERE IS A SUPER POWER CALLED “GOD”. Everyone believes in different God’s, its their belief. But, that God sees you, helps you, come out of adversities. God tests people. As far as I have experienced, God tests good people more than bad people. He throws up the challenge to good people and wants to see how he handles it, is he strong enough? If he is not, he gives some more problems to make him stronger and wiser.

I do believe a lot in One God called “Sri Rajendrasurishwarji”. He is widely known as “Guru Maharaj”. I have also been fascinated towards christianity since long time. Jesus has a kind of special aura. I studied in Christian missionary School, there we used to do picturisations and dramas on the birth of Jesus, their life story.

I have faith on God, immense faith on him and I believe in him that he has the best in store for me in the future. Whatever I just carve for, he will not starve me for that. He will provide me unconditionlly without fail.

So guys, today is Independence Day. List out all the things from which you are seeking independence.

Happy Independence Day to all 🇮🇳

With Patriotism,

Sachin Gandhi